Beacon participate in MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2017

  • Local time on April 6, 2017  MEDICAL FAIR INDIA grand opening, MEDICAL FAIR INDIA is hosted by Dusseldorf exhibition company, is INDIA's largest MEDICAL industry exhibition, since 1990, for INDIA's earliest MEDICAL trade show. Exhibition focused on international famous medical institutions and enterprises, brings together the world in various fields of medical and drug companies and organizations, hundreds of famous enterprises exhibition, audience reach tens of thousands of people. Beacon brings imaging diagnostic workstation and digital imaging operation scheme, medical monitors and other products to participate in this exhibition.

    Beacon mainly shows three screen diagnostic workstation,  mammary workstation and digital video solutions, provide doctors with more accurate medical image display, help doctors improve the diagnostic precision and work efficiency.

    2017 MEDICAL FAIR INDIA  was recognized as INDIA's unique brand medical exhibition. Beacon display  attracted a large number of international exhibitors, national pavilion and medical professionals. Beacon
     will keep excellent product performance and good technology support and return for our customers and partners.

جميع الحقوق محفوظة  2017  بيكون  عرض  شنتشن  التكنولوجيا المحدودة  .