30" 4MP Integrated Dual-screen Display

Product Model ​: C42W+
Display size​ : 30"
Support color​ : 1.07 Billion
Resolution​ : 2560×1600
View angle​ : 178° Typ

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مقدمة المنتج

Integrated dual-screen capabilities to ensure the consistency of medical image contrast, for a variety of medical imaging in the diagnosis and comparative analysis, improve the accuracy of medical diagnosis, improve the efficiency of doctors.

C42WP+ rigorous DICOM calibration, accurate medical imaging and display the finest details, in line with demand for medical imaging high precision.


    Product Model
    Display size
    Support color
    1.07 Billion
    View angle
    178° Typ
    1000:1 Typ
    Input signal interface
    DVI-D:24 pin*2
    DispalyPort:20 pin*2
   DIP:19 pin

مزايا المنتج

Compliant with DICOM standard,ensure accurate medical images display
Strict medical certifications can meet requirements in all clinical application areas
Backlight stabilization system guarantee the consistency during long-term use
With optional protection screen,prevent the display from damage in harsh conditions,easy to clean and disinfect
Ergonomic design,supports both portrait and landscape display
Built-in multiple display mode,provide best performance for different kind of modalities
ALL monitors feature with LED backlight panel unit,ultralight & ultrathin design,more environtally friendly

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